About IBN

ibnMobilité, a project of the INTERNational Business Network (IBN), are specialists in international learning for emerging business professionals: senior level undergraduate students, graduate students, work-study apprentices, and recent graduates. We are based in Paris, with a coordinating office in New York.


  • PRODUCE customized business tours, currently from France to other European countries and the U.S., that help our young clients to develop new competencies that will further their professional development and serve them in a global business environment.
  • DESIGN classes and workshops for graduate students, educators, and young professionals that enable them to interact with and learn from leaders in the business and academic communities, and to network with their peers.
  • FACILITATE internships in the U.S. and the U.K., working with U.S. Department of State-accredited partners to provide administrative support (visas, insurance) for the young professional seeking to work abroad.



  • PROVIDE real-life opportunities, in France and abroad, for our clients to apply their newly-acquired English language skills in a variety of business and cultural settings.
  • SERVE the project needs of our partners, by producing, coordinating, and evaluating American and European projects in the areas of education, professional development, and employment. Project support examples include:

– Feasibility study
– Identifying partners
– Grant / funding research
– Action plans
– Implementation

INTERNational Business Network is a French-American nonprofit, registered in Paris, (Association loi 1901- n° d’enregistrement W951000673)
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