Language Study

English Language Study in Paris and New York


Ten-day English immersion on one of our ibnMobilité tours to New York, Manchester, or Dublin gives students an opportunity to use their newly-acquired skills in an encouraging, fun environment.

Custom-designed conferences afford those who are more fluent to experience New York while polishing their business English and professional skills.

Internships offer the ultimate immersion experience, a chance to become fluent in English and in the culture of the host country over an extended period of time.


France flagPARIS

IBN Language Workshops in France offers English language lessons to primary, middle, and high school students, and to adults. Our team’s experience and teaching method, and small class sizes, enable students to learn in a very stimulating and dynamic way.



Manchester Language School at Moor Cottage, Didsbury, offers a tranquil learning environment in a dynamic, cosmopolitan city providing individualized programs for business and pleasure. MLS is a member of the Association of British Language Schools and is inspected by the Accreditation Body for Language Services to ensure high standards. Last year students came from 25 different countries throughout the world to study English at MLS.


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